1.  Enjoy the property and have fun! Check out the front page for local events and don't forget the Pipe & Drum parade every Saturday night on Queen Street at 8pm!
2.  Please treat the property with respect and care as if it were your own. Max occupancy is 12 and requests for more may be considered but there is an additional charge of $150 per person for the week. Exceeding occupancy #s without approval could result in eviction and forfeit any refund!
3.  Safety is paramount and there is a first aid kit in the cookhouse, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in all buildings.
4.  Fires are permitted in both cabins (2&3) fireplaces and at the fire pits. The fireplace in cabin 1 is decorative only (not working). All fires are not to be left unattended and please no bonfires! Please use the garden hose between cabin 2-3 to put them out before bed!
5.  Absolutely NO smoking is permitted in any building and the damage deposits will not be returned if detected.
6.  There is wood available on site and an axe, no person under 18 years of age is permitted to use the axe and shoes are a must!
7.  Sewage is pumped to the sewers via a grinder lift station. Please no woman's sanitary products should be flushed down the toilet. If you hear a buzzer it is from the sewage pump alarm locked on the outside right wall of cabin 2. Open the plastic box, silence the alarm and call us immediately.
8.  This retreat is nestled amongst giant cedars and is private, but we do have neighbours so loud noise/music is not permitted. Keep in mind sound travels far near the lake. After 2 warnings you maybe evicted from the property and no payment or refund will be returned. If you are coming to party non stop, this property is not for you! Quiet time starts at 10pm.
9. Upon check out, you are responsible to clean all buildings, showers, kitchen appliances etc... And placing all dirty sheets (comforters only if required) back into the original packaging they were stored in. Please leave each bag of dirty sheets in the cabin they were used. If not left as you found it, the deposit will not be returned. Cleaning supplies are in most buildings.
10. The BBQ & patio heaters are on a main propane line so need to worry about fuel. Please turn items off when not required.
11. Please be careful walking down the stone stairs to the back gate as the hill is somewhat steep. For older guests or those with disabilities, you are permitted to enter through the main house driveway and along the left side of the coach house.
12. There is a private entrance to the cabin retreat at the back/west part of the property. This is a shared parking lot with the tennis court, park and lawn bowling therefore we ask you park closer to the larger tennis court area.
13. Patio deck lighting will come on automatically at dusk and turn itself off at around 2am.
14. There is also a wood pellet smoker on site for your daily catch from the lake or for your rib fest:) the pellets are in the white containers beside it. Please ensure you close the containers tightly so the pellets don't get wet, and remember the smoker works best on low to medium heat with a long cook time!
15. The circuit breaker panel for the cabins is outside behind cabin 2 on the south side. It in a large metal water tight box. There is a large screwdriver on top to open it, and all cicuit breakers are labelled. For the cookhouse, the panel is behind the main door, and for the stone cottage and bathhouse, it is in the stone cottage bathroom.
16. You will get a complete set of keys to all buildings and they will be required upon checkout. You will be the only  occupants on the property and we have never had any issues with theft or break ins, but we will not be responsible for any losses.
17. The cook house has a dishwasher, but please fill it completely before using to conserve the hot water for the kitchen as it is a small water tank. It takes about 30min to reheat.
18. The wifi name and password is available in each building.
19. There are several garbage pails about the property and bags under the kitchen sink. Please dont leave food out on the deck at night as there are cats and racoons in the area periodicaly. Remember to throw out any food or items left in the kitchen unless you really think others will use them. You are responsible to put full garbage in the large black bins near the main house driveway. Please sort recycling into the blue containers as labelled. Please do not overload. Pick up day is every Tue but we will tag them and put to the curb.
20. Lawn service should be done before check in, but depending on the weather, there maybe a requirement for the service to cut it again mid week during the day. Note we take great care of the lawn and gardens therefore NO TENTS/KIDS POOLS are permitted,and any damage to the grass will mean forfeit of your deposit.
21. Pets will be considered at a cost of $50/day per animal. We know pets are part of the family, but please advise us of this prior to booking for approval.
22. All buildings have electric baseboard heaters with thermostats, please turn off when not required.
23. In case of rain, please place all outdoor cushions in the covered couch area & large brown cushion bin. Also ensure outdoor appliances are covered after use.
24. Rentals are on a weekly basis from Sunday - Sunday. Check-in time is at 4:00 pm and Check-out Time is 11:00 am. Please respect these times in order to allow the property manager sufficient time to clean/prepare the property.
25. For any issues, questions or concerns on site please contact Rob at 519 525-5971 or 403 828-6270 or Kath -cell 519 955-631 or at
26. your damage deposit will be returned with 48 hrs once the property manager has confirmed there has been no damage and the place is as you found it.
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